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The Journeys we Take

Last week my youngest son graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) Degree.  I told my friends that, as a mother, for me, it was an Everest moment.  By that, I mean the accomplishment of a very difficult journey. Have you noticed how we all start out, at the...

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Goodbye Christopher Robin

Goodbye Christopher Robin Today we went to the cinema and saw a movie that reminded me of the theme of my inspirations, Advice to a Father and Your Smart Phone in Life’s a Mango: Be awake, Be alert and see them with eyes. If you don’t change your ways, they will you...

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The Day of the Dead

When the moment comes, Be calm and not scared. Rejoice in your life.  Be pleased how you fared. ©  Jen Compton It seems only apt that I am writing this blog on the eve of The Day of the Dead.  When I was living in Spain for twelve years, it was a day when we would go...

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I find Life’s a Mango a clever and gentle nudge into thoughtfulness through persuasive rhyme … ahh.
Julie Borgelt, architect

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