I will enrol to do KidsBEpresent again next term and I will recommend it to a friend.

Emily, year 6, Hilder Road State School

I like the picture book stories and the discussion time after the stories.

Callum, year 3 student Hilder Road State School

I like the Smiling Mind mindfulness meditations that we did.

Emily, year 6 student, Hilder Road State School

What is KidsBEpresent®?

KidsBEpresent is a new before and after school program that uses mindfulness training and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to support kids in achieving social and academic success.

What makes Jen Compton qualified to do this?

Jen Compton has been a teacher for more than 27 years. She understands how children think and feel. She has been a meditator for the last decade and has seen the positive changes in her life that daily meditation practice can achieve. Jen wishes to support children in mindfulness meditation and social and emotional education to improve their inner confidence and behavioural outcomes.

For 8 week term ($150):

Sibling option ($120):

What is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)?

SEL is a process through which children come to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals as well as have empathy for others through:

  • Self awareness;
  • Self management;
  • Social awareness;
  • Relationship skills; and
  • Responsible decision making

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation uses the breath or some other object of focus to calm the mind and allow it to be present and still.

How will KidsBEpresent® be offered at the school?

Morning sessions for students in grades 2, 3 and 4.

Afternoon sessions for students in grades 5, 6 and 7.

How will KidsBEpresent® improve my child’s life?

What’s going on inside us ripples out to others. Being present and focusing on the breathe for a few moments each day creates an inner sense of stillness that allows us to have improved focus, better memory and greater concentration. KidsBEpresent® will assist your child to have better social skills and more self awareness through mindfulness training as well games and activities that increase a child’s resilience, empathy, kindness and compassion.

Why would I spend my money on this and not some other after school activity?

Stress and anxiety are everyday experiences for kids and adults. KidsBEpresent® will give your child a personal toolkit that they can continue to draw on now, into their teenage years and into adulthood. It will also enhance their creative skills and performance in other areas.

What does the data say?
A landmark study of over 270,000 students from K-12 found that SEL programs strengthen social and emotional skills and improve overall attitudes and behaviour. The study also revealed an increase in academic scores by 11%.
How will my child benefit from mindfulness training?

Regular mindfulness meditation helps us to train the mind to be calmer. Research shows that children who meditate regularly develop a greater sense of awareness and compassion for themselves and others. Other health benefits have also been reported as a by-product of regular mindfulness meditation. Children who practise this are more stable, less reactive to external situations and report less stress. Other studies have revealed a dramatic reduction in anxiety, improved sleeping and better relationships with family members.

Children who do KidsBEpresent® will be able to use these stress reduction skills anywhere, anytime – before a test, in the playground, before NAPLAN or before and during a football/tennis or netball final.

What mindfulness meditation program will KidsBEpresent® be following?

KidsBEpresent® will be using Smiling Mind. There are age specific mindfulness meditation programs for specific age groups: ages 7 to 9 and ages 10 to 12.

Smiling Mind is designed to assist people in dealing with pressure, stress and the challenges of daily life. (Smiling Mind website).

KidsBEpresent® will be using the program Bounce Back. What is Bounce Back?

Bounce Back is an award winning social and emotional learning program. It helps children to develop useful social values like respect, co-operation and compassion. Kids learn how to manage their emotions and have empathy for others. The program incorporates lessons that develop:

  • Self awareness;
  • Self management;
  • Social awareness;
  • Relationship skills; and
  • Responsible decision making

Children are given the emotional resilience and the confidence to deal effectively with life’s challenges. Instead of knee jerk reactions to life, KidsBEpresent® supports children in being present as life unfolds around them. SEL programs like Bounce Back have been shown to enhance well-being and resilience in students as well as even undo the effects of stress.

What do children who practise SEL and mindfulness meditation have that others do not?
  • Children who do KidsBEpresent® will learn better.
  • Children who do KidsBEpresent® will behave better.
  • Children who do KidsBEpresent® will interact socially more successfully with other children.
  • Children who do KidsBEpresent® will have more emotional control, which means fewer melt-downs.
  • Children with ASD who do KidsBEpresent® will perform better in all areas.
  • Children who are anxious or stressed will be calmer with KidsBEpresent®.

You can find more KidsBEPresent® resources at www.kidsbepresent.com

Term 2 starts week beginning Monday,1st May, 2017