Life’s a Mango

Life’s a Mango is a book of inspirations inspired by life, inspired by the Dharma, inspired by Eckhart Tolle. The poems will transform the way you think and feel about yourself and life.


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Jen Compton

I am an inspirational poet, writer and speaker.  I take everyday situations that people can relate to and, with rhyming verse, turn them from something mundane into something magic.  The inspirations I write speak to the heart.  They create a positive, conscious shift in people and allow them to better connect with themselves and others.

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Radio interview with Gloria at 2SSR 99.7 FM Sydney:

Life’s a Mango is great. Thank you. I find that when I pick a page and read, it puts me in a great positive frame of mind.

Rhonda, hairdresser, Sydney

Recently I took the book Life’s a Mango” on a holiday…… the poems I read made me feel joyful. My favourite poem is Nature!

Miss A, 13 year old student

Jen’s Life’s Mango is an enjoyable and thoughtful read. Enjoy. Reflect. Discuss.

(Ragnar Purje PhD), Author

I’ve had Life’s A Mango by the bedside and have been flicking through it regularly. Your verses are packed with soul and have a comfy flow. I think they suit young and old, women and men alike. There are some real pearls of wisdom from within. I think your words can have a real impact.

Melanie, GP doctor, Sydney

Jen Compton’s rhymes can work wonders – soothing and reassuring, inspiring and challenging – they bring a smile and a pause. Let these bright glimmers of wisdom and mercy nourish your heart!

Will Tuttle, Ph.D., visionary author of the best-selling book, The World Peace Diet

Jen Compton’s poetic advice is simple but profound, just as all universal truths are.

Robina Courtin, Buddhist Nun

This book of inspirations conjures pictures and feelings of joy for the past and excitement for the possibilities of the future. Each inspiration soothes the soul, healing the child and adult within.

Vicki Bennett – author, artist and filmmaker

Jen is a veritable Dr. Seuss.

Michele Pinney, primary school teacher of 27 years

I like the poem Your Role, especially the part about being bold.  If you don’t dare to be bold, you won’t get anywhere.  You can get fired for being bold.

Nicolas Anderson from Sweden

I’m a practical guy so I like the poem called Pay it Forward.

I intend to do that one day soon.

Jacob Doering from Denmark