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About Jen

Hey, I’m Jen! I’m a poet and author of Life’s a Mango. I work as an educator at a primary school in Brisbane and I enjoy being around the energy of children. The reason I write rhyming verse is because it makes me happy and it helps to take me on the lifelong journey from the head to the heart. I also get great joy from reciting my poems to others as well as feeling an emotional connection with my audience. I love walks in nature, sitting in a favourite café with my books, swimming and spending quality time with family. I am an admirer of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle. My favourite app is Calm and I enjoy meditating on topics like impermanence, loving kindness and compassion.

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Life's a Mango

In this extraordinary mindfulness book, everything unfolds through the magic of rhyming verse. Jen applies universal ideas and reminds us that there’s always a kinder way of dealing with life’s situations. Whatever personal concerns you have, Life’s a Mango helps to shed a more positive, compassionate light on what’s happening. It will make you smile, reflect on life and ultimately it will help to bring out the best version of you!

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The story behind Life’s a Mango

Jen published Life’s a Mango so that people can see that there is a new way of approaching everyday situations; a way that is more conscious, more aware and more loving.  She hopes that people will feel a shift in their heart and look at the relationship they have with themselves and others in a fresh, new way.  The beautiful mandalas are to colour and the blank pages at the back give you the opportunity to express your emotions through words and/or pictures.  Jen prays that Life’s a Mango will speak to you in a personal way and help you to live a more conscious, present and connected life, right now.


Print this. Then trace over the words in a gold or silver pen. Colour the pattern. You’ll be delighted.


Graham Malcolm - Science Teacher

'Jen provides us with the power of POW in this juicy little book. Packed full of magical rhyming gems of the joy of BEING that were inspired not just by Tolle and the Dharma but by her own life experiences. This book contains a wealth of wonderful wisdom that can be life-changing but it has the exciting bonus of being FUN to read either to yourself or aloud with friends. Everyone can learn how to BE a more joyful and compassionate person by applying the “Magic of the Mango" in their daily life.'

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