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Life's a Mango


Why is Life’s a Mango different to other books about mindfulness?

Life’s a Mango is different to the other mindfulness books for a few reasons. Firstly, the lessons it teaches are easily accessible because the language is simple and it rhymes. You don’t have to search through the text to find the meaning.Secondly, the book includes 4 beautiful full-page mandalas to colour in. Finally, there are blank pages at the back of the book where you can write or draw your reflections from the poems. What makes Life’s a Mango special is that it includes transformational poetry that will create a shift in your consciousness as well as mandalas to colour together with journal pages.

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This is what Will Tuttle, Ph.D., visionary author of the best selling book, The World Peace Diet, thinks about Life’s a Mango:

“Jen’s rhymes can work wonders soothing and reassuring, inspiring and challenging – they bring a smile and a pause. Let these bright glimmers of wisdom and mercy nourish your heart!”.

How will I benefit from the book?

Life’s a Mango will help create a shift in your consciousness. You’ll find yourself being more aware of the present moment and kinder to others as well. This book will challenge you to look at the relationship you have with yourself, your partner, family members, friends and colleagues. It may even help transform you into a better version of your current self!


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Life's a Mango

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Life's a Mango

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