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Jen Compton writes inspirations (rhyming poems) that create an inner transformation for people and a greater conscious connection both with themselves and those they come into contact with.


When Jen is not writing or teaching primary school children at a Brisbane state school, she is spending time teaching social and emotional learning or reciting her inspirations at events for others to enjoy. Jen can be found going for long morning walks and connecting with nature, having breakfast at her favourite café with her Dharma or books on nutrition or doing laps at the local pool. 



Life’s a Mango is a book of inspirations or rhyming poetry inspired by life, inspired by the Dharma and inspired by Eckhart Tolle.  The poems will transform the way you think and feel about yourself and everyday life in general.

The story behind Life’s a Mango


Jen published Life’s a Mango so that people can see that there is a new way of approaching everyday situations; a way that is more conscious, more aware and more loving.  She hopes that people will feel a shift in their heart and look at the relationship they have with themselves and others in a fresh, new way.  The beautiful mandalas are to colour and the blank pages at the back give you the opportunity to express your emotions through words and/or pictures.  Jen prays that Life’s a Mango will speak to you in a personal way and help you to live a more conscious, present and connected life, right now.



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Jen Compton | Celebrant | Brisbane

Jen Compton | Celebrant | Brisbane