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Joileen Mischel Interview

Joileen Mischel Bio

Joileen’s early years were spent living a nomadic lifestyle and consequently she developed no attachments or friendships during her formative years. Joileen credits her love of books and stories with helping her through the many days of quiet desperation she was forced to endure over the first 19 years of her life.


After attending more than twenty schools, Joileen was forced to leave school before she turned 12 years old in order to begin her working life. Feeling like an alien in her abusive and loveless environment, Joileen fashioned dreams in her mind and formed ambitions for the future which she carried like jewels throughout her life.


Her sense of not measuring up because of her lack of education, and her sense of not belonging was ever present. Although she felt unloved, and without a voice for much of her early life Joileen kept the mental images of becoming a somebody worthwhile alive in her long-held dreams. Her autobiography Broken Past Heals Dreams is a must-read book.


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