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Pip Coleman Interview

Pip Coleman Bio

Pip Coleman is an author, Reiki master coach, advanced angel intuitive /medium and meditation teacher based on Phillip Island, Victoria.

In her 12 years of experience in spiritual coaching, Pip has tried all of the techniques that she teaches. This means that you will gain value from her trials and successes. She has been uninspired, unbalanced, and exhausted. Pip has also over-given to others and not taken care of herself.

So, when Pip works with you to feel more connected, energetic, and balanced, she will be authentic and real. Nothing is hidden. Transparency and integrity are especially important to her. In Pip’s courses, therapies and books, her focus is on offering simple and practical skills to honour and fully accept yourself, using Reiki energy healing, angel therapy, psychology and meditation.

When I teach my courses, coach clients, and conduct treatments, I only work with people I know that I can help. If you’re an open-minded person who is willing to try new things, is prepared to take action and learn how to heal yourself then that’s perfect.


Pip’s new book Finding my Soul at Sea was launched in 2019. It’s a spiritual story in a very non-spiritual space - working on cruise ships. Pip found her soul by teaching others to find theirs.

Pip Coleman 

Author, Reiki Master Coach, Bowen Therapist (ISBT),Advanced AngelIntuitive, Meditation & Psychic Development Teacher​


Mobile : 0437 670 820

Socials Links

Facebook: @consciouscoursesandtherapies

Instagram: coleman_pip

Twitter: pipcoleman1

LinkedIn: pip-coleman

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