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No Grain, No Pain

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t eat whatever I want to anymore. Back in June I went to a party and helped myself to finger foods like spring rolls, sausage rolls, curry puffs and other delights. I felt kind of guilty, but I was hungry. What harm could it do? Well, I’ll tell you. The next morning around 2am I woke up with a splitting headache which then turned into a migraine and I was in bed for the whole weekend. I felt so washed out on Monday that I couldn’t go to work. Has anything like this happened to you? So, what’s going on? This question has taken me on an investigative journey which I hope you can benefit from too.

Dr. Peter Osborne, the author of the bestselling book, No Grain-No Pain, is somebody I find incredibly knowledgeable about anything to do with gluten and grains. His book is a really fascinating read and his website, is amazing. He also does these short, information packed YouTube videos which give me the will-power I need to resist gluten when I’m out and about. Dr. Osborne explains the link between gluten, grains and cancer. I mean we’ve been eating grains pretty much since we were weaned off mother’s breast milk. It’s been part of human life for centuries and it’s hard to fathom that it could be harmful. The deeper you dig though, the more you will see that it is responsible for so many of our health problems. Read on!

In the USA, 1.5 million people are diagnosed each year with cancer. Did you know that cancer feeds on carbohydrates? Yep and that includes whole grains! I grew up being told that whole grains were so much healthier, but we were hoodwinked into believing that! Another major health concern is the contaminants found in grains. These contaminants in the form of moulds or mycotoxins in wheat, rice, corn and other grains are highly inflammatory and they increase our risk of cancer. Pesticides are another dangerous contributor. Also, did you know that wheat consumption drives up glucose in the body, rice contains heavy metals like arsenic and lead and corn contain mercury. I don’t need to tell you that all of these metals are toxic. So if you’ve switched over to a Vegan diet and you are tempted to buy many of the meat/dairy-free products in the supermarket, watch out! They are often full of grains, highly processed and can lead to disease in the body. Also, just because it’s classified as an ancient grain or is labelled organic, doesn’t mean it’s good for you!

Now here’s a fun fact. I bet you didn’t know that in 1943, grain sales were prohibited in the USA. Why? Because they were responsible for the deaths of many Americans due to malnutrition! Ever since then, it has been mandatory to fortify food with synthetic vitamins and minerals.

The old outdated food pyramid

The thing about eating a daily consumption of gluten and grains is that it is slowly poisoning the body over many years. It’s not like we just wake up one day with cancer! Grains are not the staff of life that we have been led to believe! Just look at how we are all so much bigger than we were fifty to one hundred years ago. This is because we are all eating too much of the wrong stuff. Grains make up 60-80% of caloric daily intake for many people. They shouldn’t. I remember that food pyramid they showed us at school when I was growing up in the 1970s. It suggested that our main food source should be around five to seven servings of bread/pasta/rice/oats etc a day! Guess which industry funded that?

Cancer is not about reacting to a tumour when it’s too late. Cancer is about prevention! Each of us needs to use lifestyle tools on a daily basis to prevent the six letter word. It’s got to be a much better alternative than the stress involved when you or a loved one is given a diagnosis of cancer. Let’s just not go there! You don’t want the diagnosis of a terminal illness to coerce you into change. Prevention is all about eating the right foods, getting enough exercise, getting enough sleep and controlling our emotions.

This is not something I’m writing about to scare you. Read or listen to the research and you’ll see it’s true. It doesn’t matter whether the label says organic or not, you are still in danger of ingesting moulds and mycotoxins from grains.

Here’s another thing about why you may want to rethink eating grains. Eating grains contributes to the malabsorption of nutrients like vitamin D, iron and B vitamins and this also plays a role in cancer. Many people in the world have a vitamin D deficiency and those diagnosed with cancer have been found to be very low in vitamin D! It’s hard to get enough just from food and sunlight. We need to take daily supplements. I hope you are reading this and thinking, “It’s time to take action. I need to find out more about this and prevent cancer!

Here’s something else you need to know – the regular consumption of grains shrinks our brain! Research done in schools found that when gluten and grains were removed from the school menu, children scored better in tests. That just goes to show that consuming grains makes us dumber!

If you want to investigate what I’ve blogged about, go to and also check out Dr. Osborne’s website at

I hope I’ve made you think differently about grains. Remember, prevention is better (and cheaper and less traumatic) than cure!

Take care.



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