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Zac West Interview

Zac West Bio

Zac West was born in 1981 in Brisbane, Australia. He grew up on Queensland's beautiful Gold Coast and his childhood consisted of lots of sport, the beach and a little bit of school in-between. He has been a primary school teacher since 2005 with extensive experience in upper primary and physical education. Zac is married to high school sweetheart, Brodie, and father of three kids. Zac is short, bald and mastering the dad bod.

During the day he is a teacher and at night an author. On the weekends Zac is a mad sports fanatic, any spare chance he gets a golf tragic and during winter a suffering Gold Coast Titans fan. For years, Zac played around with words, blogs and hobby poetry before taking the giant leap and writing and publishing his debut novel Prepare To Soar. The book’s success has Zac keen to continue to write for both fun, enjoyment and to challenge himself.

Zac's teaching style and general outlook on life are not to take things or himself too seriously. He endeavours to teach the children in his classroom and those reading his books to be resilient, to have a crack in life, to appreciate the importance of laughter (even at yourself) and to chase goals whilst making mistakes. Zac is employed by Brisbane Catholic Education, is a member of the Gold Coast Writers Association and is represented by Ocean Reeve at Ocean Reeve Publishing.

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