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November 2021

Thanks to the increasing access to technology, we’re more connected than ever. So, why are many of us still lonely1? The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us separated from those we love so we need to find regular meaning-ful ways to truly connect with ourselves and others.

For writer and poet Jen Compton, connection starts with having a keen awareness and appreciation of this present moment. Although many of us have so much to be grateful for, it’s easy to forget just how lucky we are when we are constantly caught up in daily busyness.


‘It’s vital for our own mental and physical wellbeing that we consciously celebrate what we have and who we are, rather than dwelling on what we don’t have and who we are not!’ Jen explains.


Brisbane teacher, Jodi Cross, says, ‘I love that when I read Jen’s poems they feel like they were written for me.


They speak to my soul and make me truly think about my life.’ 2


With everything going on in the world, Jen’s Life’s a Mango – A Guide to Awakening through Mindful Rhym-ing Wisdom might be just the shot in the arm we all need! Her rhyming verses gently remind us to talk to ourselves in a kinder way as well as with those around us. For example, ‘If our work colleagues are behaving negatively, instead of getting upset about it, we can cut them some slack and be a bit more compassionate— because we know how difficult life can be at times—for all of us.’


With Christmas just around the corner, head to Jen’s website to order a signed copy of her book for yourself and maybe a friend who needs some healing, You can also find her on Facebook @jencompton and on Instagram @lifesamango.


Radio Interview

2SSR Sept 2017

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