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A Happy Childhood

Today we went to the cinema and saw a movie that reminded me of the theme of my inspirations, Advice to a Father and Your Smart Phone in Life’s a Mango:

“Be awake, Be alert

And see them with eyes.

If you don’t change your ways

They will you despise”


“Give kids the space to

Talk, ask and be.

Stay positive and kind.

They’ll remember you see.”

The movie tells the story of Alan Milne, who found fame and fortune with his book of poetry Now We Are Six (1927) and the characters Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin. They say fame comes at a price and for the Milne family, it certainly did. Milne’s son, Christopher, was mostly raised by his nanny. She was the one who was there to support him with physical, emotional and spiritual care. If not for her, Christopher’s childhood would have been a lonely and desolate one. When I was a child, my own mother used to regularly read me poems at bedtime from this book and I can’t help wondering if it’s why I love poetry and perhaps why I called my son Christopher.

When I returned home from the cinema today, memories of my grandparents’ love came to my mind and I started to recall things from the past that I had forgotten. The movie certainly triggered this and also maybe because my own children are now grown, and it won’t be too long before I may be a grandmother myself.

I was blessed to have been loved by my parents and my grandparents. There are different kinds of love and the love my grandparents showed me felt like a soft, warm pillow. The second edition of Life’s a Mango will be dedicated to them. I’d like to share the dedication with you:

Nana and Papa

You loved me so much.

I will always remember

Your warm, gentle touch.

We cooked in the kitchen

With the radio on.

Honeycomb and cakes,

Jams, puddings and scones.

At night we’d play cards

Or just watch TV.

I felt comfy and safe

With just being me.

Your big beaming smile,

Small pressies, all new;

You always had something

For me and for Stu.

Snuggles in bed,

Walks in the morn.

Your warm, loving hugs

Made we glad I was born.

I hope that one day

I’ll give love just like you.

You were the best grandparents

That I ever knew.

In the movie, the nanny says to Christopher during his childhood, What makes us happy is doing what we love with the people we love.

These words make me ponder how I want to be remembered by others and I know in my heart what that is: I gave you the space to be you, your best and worst versions, not someone I thought you should be.


Jen x

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