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The Lemon Detox

If someone asked you to list the top ten things that fill up your happiness/wellbeing bucket, what would they be? I know that without a shadow of a doubt, one of my top ten would be The Lemon Detox (TLD).

Back in 2002 whilst I was teaching at a British school in Madrid, Spain, an Australian colleague of mine introduced me to TLD. After listening to him sell it to me and doing a bit of research myself, I decided to give it a go. Not one to do things half baked, my first detox was nine days in June, 2002 at the busy end of the Spanish school year.

Well, since 2002 I have been religiously doing TLD twice a year, usually around March and November when the weather is warmer. I just realized that means I’ve been benefitting from this amazing fast for seventeen years!!

Today, is the 8th day for me of this year’s Lemon Detox. I feel lighter, brighter, full of energy, cleansed, content and optimistic. My skin is glowing and my eyes feel more alert. I can totally understand why fasting is an important component of all major world religions. It really is a religious/spiritual experience – at least for me. It’s not just the body that benefits but the mind and spirit as well.

If you’re still with me then perhaps you’re interested in giving it a try. I have some tips that will help you to be successful with TLD.

  1. Firstly, buy the TLD kit on eBay. It’s a cheaper alternative than getting it from a health food store. I’ve included a photo of the box with this blog so you know what you’re looking for.

  2. The night before you are due to start the detox, have a cup of the natural leaf laxative tea which comes included in the kit.

  3. Read the instructions in the box and the book carefully. I make up a batch of the mixture in a bowl every morning so that I can take it with me during the day in large plastic bottles. This includes 1800 mls of pure filtered or still mineral water, 145 mls of the maple syrup mixture and the juice from three and a half lemons, which you need to buy. You add to this a pinch or two of cayenne pepper (which comes included in the kit).

  4. Secondly, make sure you start the detox on a weekend or a day when you don’t have to work and don’t have any commitments. The first 24 to 48 hours are the hardest as the toxins start to leave and the body gets used to psychologically and physiologically not eating. Usually for me I get headachy, cold and may experience nausea and vomiting. Because I know that the benefits are going to far out way this bit of initial discomfort, I stick with it and just ‘suck it up buttercup’. This is why it’s important to be home or in a place where you can relax. Funnily enough though whilst it’s good to actually start the detox at home, I prefer doing it during the week when I’m busy at work. This is because my mind is distracted by my work and I’m less likely to be thinking about food. This past week for example has been super hectic writing school report cards and other commitments and so it’s been easy to not eat.

  5. Day 3 is one of my favourite days on TLD journey. This is because I wake up headache-free and feel cleaner and brighter. From day 3 to the end of the fast (as long as you stick to the rules), it’s plain sailing. Just always remember to:

  6. Take your big bottle of Lemon Detox mixture with you where ever you go. In addition to this, drink plenty of filtered/still mineral water. Lastly, drink some peppermint tea during the day to cleanse the blood.

  7. I always keep a diary page which I stick on the kitchen cupboard as well so that I can write down what I’m experiencing physically and mentally each day and I also include encouraging comments to myself. Why not? 😊

  8. The first time you try it, I’d recommend you do three to five days to start. If you get to day five and you’re still keen, then you can go to day seven or even day 10. The longer the fast, the more beneficial it is.

  9. You can read all about the benefits of fasting online but by doing this fast at least twice a year you actually prevent disease from occurring in the body.

  10. Finally, I combine TLD with a colonic so that I can really get the maximum benefit.

If you decide to give it a go, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’m happy to guide and encourage you on the journey. Someone I recommended TLD to a couple of years ago, called me when she’d completed the fast and said I was her new best friend! You’ll be truly amazed at how awesome you feel. I always tell people I have the energy of a teenager when I do TLD and that is true.

To read more go to: and no, they are definitely NOT paying me to write this blog. This friends, is my gift to you!

Take care



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