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You’ll Think I’m Nuts

Who would have thought? Jen Compton – teacher, poet and civil celebrant is actually writing a blog about nuts. Yep. That’s right friends. I love to share things that are going to enhance your life and make you feel better. Let’s face it, the way we feel has a lot to do with what’s going on in our gut and the chemicals in our brain. You can blame your mood on a thousand different things but I’ll let you in on a secret, pssst …., you listening? Make your gut buddies happy and whatever the weather - rain, hail, shine or cow dung, you, my friend, will be as happy as Larry (whom I would very much like to meet).

Now, stay with me. I really am going to talk about nuts. Firstly, if your favourite nuts are cashews and/or peanuts then you may start to weep about now or press delete. Sorry guys. Cashews are actually seeds and contribute to leaky gut and peanuts are actually legumes and are highly acidic and also contribute to LG. They must leave the pantry immediately (just do it) if you want to make your gut buddies (and ultimately) you, as happy as that Larrry guy.

There are five nuts you just HAVE to eat every day. I mean, don’t go overboard but around half a cup is recommended. The ones I’m about to list are incredibly good for you, your gut buddies love them and they make you feel like a food court warrior: I’m full and I can walk around here and totally not be tempted by anything.

Are you ready? Alrighty. These are all raw by the way - NOT ROASTED! Number 1 nut is the walnut. Number 2 is the macadamia nut. Number 3 is the hazelnut. Number 4 is the pistachio. Number 5 is the almond (without the shell), number 6 is the chestnut and number 7 is the pine nut. We buy packets of the first five nuts listed and then open them and mix all the nuts up in a large glass container. Every morning as we are making our lunch (that’s the royal we) we grab a handful and pop them in a bag with our lunch. They are totally delicious and make us feel very satisfied.

Now, you’re not going to think much of me if I don’t start backing up my claims with some research. See, I was ready for you and I have prepared. Lucky for you I have a whole bookshelf full of books relating to nutrition, diet and lifestyle.

Are you ready to be blown away? Here we go.

You’ll Think I’m Nuts.
You’ll Think I’m Nuts.

In a recent study at Yale University, researchers looked at the rates of death and cancer recurrence in patients with stage 3 colon cancer. Guess what? The patients who ate two or more servings of nuts a week had a 42 percent reduced rate of cancer recurrence and a 57 percent reduced rate of death. Do you still think I’m nuts, guys? I mean these cancer patients cut their risk of death by more than half just by eating some nuts twice a week!! Remember though, we are not talking about peanuts or cashews here. We are talking about the five first magic nuts I mentioned above. Close your eyes and see if you can remember (w,h,m,p,a). Still not convinced? Wait, there’s more. In another study those mice that were fed walnuts had less than half as many tumors in their colons than mice that were not fed nuts. Nutty mice!

Can you see now why I decided to write a blog about nuts? I mean, I care for you guys. If you’re going to take the time to read my blog, then I’d better make it worth your while.

Are any of you still smoking? Well, here’s some good news if you are – people who smoked regularly and ate large amounts of nuts had a 39 percent reduced rate of lung cancer compared to smokers who ate very few nuts. In another study, women who ate large amounts of nuts reduced their risk of death from any cause by half. I know, crazy, right? You want to know where I got all these facts and figures from?

Well, it’s from a book I just can’t put down. It’s called The Longevity Paradox – how to die young at a ripe old age. It’s written by the famous Dr. Steven Gundry who you can find on Youtube and Instagram and all over the Internet. You are going to get very educated about LECTINS if you check him out. Believe me, it’s totally worth it. You lose weight. You feel better. Your memory improves. You look younger and you’ll be as happy as you know who.

Take care (and eat some nuts).



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